ARY News is a Pakistani news channel that keeps you updated on the latest happenings in Pakistan and around the world. They’re also popular on social media!

This article isn’t about joining ARY News directly, but about other Pakistani news channels that might have WhatsApp groups.

Ary News WhatsApp Group Link

Discovering the Ary News WhatsApp Group Link: (Not Recommended)

Unfortunately, there isn’t a secure and official way to join an ARY News WhatsApp group.

Here’s why:

Unreliable Information: Illegal groups using ARY News’ name might spread rumors or be unethical.

Safer Replacements:

  1. Follow ARY News on Social Media: Get verified updates directly from ARY News on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  2. Official Apps: ARY News might have an official mobile app for news updates.

Stay Updated with ARY News on Social Media

There’s no need to risk unofficial sources for your Pakistani news fix! ARY News offers a variety of verified social media channels where you can get the latest updates directly from them. Here’s how to connect:

  • Facebook: Follow ARY News on Facebook for news updates, breaking stories, and insights on current events. They post regularly, keeping you informed on the go:
  • Instagram: Get a glimpse into the world of ARY News through their Instagram page. They share photos and videos alongside news snippets, offering a more visual approach to current affairs:
  • Dailymotion: If you prefer video updates, ARY News has a dedicated channel on Dailymotion. Watch news reports, interviews, and special segments for a more in-depth look at the news:
  • Soundcloud: Catch audio snippets of ARY News broadcasts and popular shows on their Soundcloud page. This is a great option for staying informed while commuting or doing other activities:


  • While not officially confirmed, ARY News might also have a presence on TikTok under the username “@arynews.official”. However, it’s important to verify the account’s legitimacy before following.

By following ARY News on these verified social media channels, you can be sure you’re getting accurate and timely updates on Pakistani news, delivered in a format that suits your preference.

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